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Web Young Ashlynn Taylor in Skipping School

Rolling around in her white sheets in the nude, Ashlynn Taylor the image of angelic innocence and perfection. Some days, you just don’t want to get up and do a damn thing. After getting up and dressed for class though, she decides that she just doesn’t want to leave the house today. And after catching a glimpse of her hot young body in the mirror, who can blame her? If she were yours, you’d never let her out of the house, or your bed.

Stripping back down, Ashlynn begins to toy and tease her young body in the mirror, pinching and rubbing her perfect brown nipples, fingering her little shaved pussy and watching her delicious body writhe back and forth in pleasure in the reflection. Grabbing her toy out of her backpack, she quickly heads back to bed where she belongs. Licking and sucking on the toy, she gets it ready to finish the job she started in front of the mirror.

Slipping the toy past her slick little lips and into her tight little hole Ashlynn moans as it hits all the right spots. The vibrator sends waves of pleasure through her as she rubs it against her gspot, ‘Fuck, I didn’t know I was this horny…’ she thinks to herself. She’s getting close, almost there, pulling the vibrator out she presses it to her clit and grinds against it. Suddenly she cums, hard, her sweet teen pussy squirting out girl cum all over her sheets. Sometimes it’s good to skip school and today was definitely one of those days.

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