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Web Young Elaina Raye in Tight And Tasty

You’ve just come home from a hard day at work and before you can even take your coat off, beautiful little Elaina Raye sits you down in your favorite chair, turns on some music, and begins stripping for you. She’s waited all day long for you to get home and before you get to have her, she’s going to get you ready to go, by making you watch her.

Swiveling her hips and slowly stripping out of her clothes, caressing her perfect teen body, teasing you with little peeks at her small but perfect tits, crawling onto the couch she takes her sweet time getting out of her clothes. But she has a surprise for you, Elaina got a new toy. Switching her vibrator on she slowly runs it up and down her blushing pink lips, she’s already wet, waiting so long for you to get home and so excited to show off her sparkly surprise.

Rubbing her clit with the tip of the vibrator, moaning louder and louder in front of you, it’s not long til she cums hard for you. Her lovely young body tightening up in the spasms of her orgasm. Sliding the toy inside of her she gets ready for the fucking you’re sure to give her as punishment for the tease, and then she licks the whole thing clean like a good girl.

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Web Young Elaina Raye in Hot Steamy Summer Day

Sensual young Elaina Raye loves to put on a show. It’s a hot summer day and she wants to put on a sexy little strip tease for you. Sliding out of her tiny yellow top and her short shorts Elaina wastes no time showing you every thing you want to see. From her lovely little tits, her perfectly shaved pussy, or that tight little ass she’s sporting.

Laying on a deck chair Elaina continues her tease, running her hands up and down her body, lifting her legs in the air and trailing her fingers down the backs of her thighs before spreading her pussy, exposing her tight teen hole and gorgeous ass. Pulling out her favorite pink vibrator she gets to the best part of the show, flicking it across her clit and sliding it in and out of her soaked slit.

Rubbing the tip round and round her throbbing little nub Elaina Raye brings herself to a fiery summer orgasm. After the waves of pleasure have subsided, the sexy little teen licks the vibrator clean, satisfied with the show she put on for you.

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