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Web Young Kiera Winters in Early Morning Shower

It’s important to start every morning off right. Sleeping beauty Kiera Winters wakes up and heads to the shower to start her day off right and she brings her favorite little toy along with her. She spends some time letting the warm water wash over her slender frame, those perfect teen breasts, her beautiful hip bones, and then lets the shower head linger between her legs, getting her wet in a totally different way.

Shutting the water off Kiera takes a seat and begins to gently rub and play with her exquisite and edible pink pussy. Sliding a finger inside she feels just how hot and wet she is and ready for her toy to finish this morning ritual. The little glass dildo slides in and she works it expertly, hitting all the right places, her teen body writhing with pleasure, hips thrusting forward against her hand and toy. Her orgasm ripples through her and her moans echo off the bathroom walls. She relaxes, cupping her tiny breasts and running her hands over her soft youthful skin, what a perfect way to start the day.

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Web Young Kiera Winters in Bare Tanning Session

Sultry and skinny teen Kiera Winters is taking advantage of the summer heat and the afternoon to herself, by skinny dipping in her luxurious pool and tanning naked on the side. Stripping out of her bikini and enjoying the cool water on her sun kissed skin Kiera runs her fingers over her hard nipples and slowly down her body, along her tight flat tummy, and her delicious hip bones.

The water gets a little cold though for het petite frame so she slips out of the pool and onto a warm deck chair. The heat of the summer sun [and the hopes that the cute neighbor boy might be watching her sun bathe] begin to turn Kiera on and it’s not long until before her hands find their way between her legs. Soaked from the pool and from dirty thoughts about the boy next door, she begins to rub her clit up and down, until her sweet juices begin flowing out of her tiny pink teen pussy. 

With the sun shining down on her and her exposed body in all of it’s natural glory, Kiera cums, moaning and hoping it attracts the attention of her crush, with any luck, next time he’ll be over to ravage her sexy nubile body in the heat of the day.


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