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Web Young Megan Salinas in Pool Boy

Sultry sweetheart Megan Salinas is lounging in the pool, enjoying her summer afternoon alone, when all of a sudden the pool boy shows up. But this is not the regular boy Tanned, tattooed, dark and delicious, he’s new and she can’t help but stare. She wishes she could tell him to blow off work and hop in with her, but she likes when the guy takes charge, and sadly he doesn’t seem to see the lust in her eyes.

Getting out of the pool so he can get to work, Megan watches him the whole way into the house and through the windows for a bit before running herself a bath. Slipping out of her swimsuit, she slides into the warm water, further arousing her as images of an afternoon spent with the pool boy run through her head. The thoughts that flood her fantasies soon become too much and Megan’s hand slips beneath the water, gently caressing her sweet shaved pussy.

The tanned latina teen begins to toy with her clit, aching for his touch instead of hers. Sitting on the side of the tub she begins to gingerly finger her tight teen pussy, dreaming of him kissing her neck as he slides in and out of her. Sliding back down into the water, the thought of him fucking her beneath the water soon makes Megan cum hard, her bath water splashing around as her hips thrust against her fingers. Mmm, maybe she’ll have to put some moves on him when he’s done cleaning

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Web Young Megan Salinas & Tracy Sweet in Swimsuit Edition

Girlfriends Megan Salinas and Tracy Sweet planed an afternoon by the pool together, Tracy wanted to take pictures of her gorgeous latina teen girlfriend in different bathing suits. Their own private swimsuit issue. It wasn’t long before Tracy began to get turned on by watching the caramel skinned beauty pose for her and the lens separating them was soon discarded.

Slipping out of their swimsuits and sitting in the shallow water, Tracy immediately dives into what she’s been hungering for and starts to go down on her girlfriend. Her tongue lapping at her shaved pussy as the water laps at their bodies, the heat of her tongue a sharp contrast to the cool water, Tracy looks up from between Megan’s legs as she continues to eat the young teen hungrily.

After both little lesbians have had a chance to eat each other on their knees, Megan lies Tracy down on her back and straddles her face, slowly lowering her dripping wet shaved pussy down onto her waiting lips. With their passion and tease having built to a head the young girlfriends lick and finger each other to body rocking orgasms, the waves of pleasure crashing over their bodies. After her orgasmic pleasure subsides, Megan grabs Tracy’s camera, taking nude pictures of her teen girlfriend, who needs a swimsuit anyways?

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