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Web Young Natasha Malkova in One Rainy Day

Rainy days, they don’t often come when we want them to, such is the case for Natasha Malkova. After pouring herself a nice warm cup of coffee in the morning, she peeks outside, only to be met with grey clouds and a spring rain shower. Determined to make the best of it, Natasha curls up with her favorite romance novel and begins to read. Soon though, the heated tale has her unconsciously stroking her breasts, wishing the main character was doing it to her.

Soft brown nipples peak out from behind her nightie as she caresses her breast. Soon though, her fingers travel lower, down to her little lace panties. She’s not surprised to find them already soaked through with her sweet womanly dew. Drawing them aside she slowly runs a finger up and down her wet little slit. Her teen pussy aching with the same desire the characters have in their book. Natasha can’t stand it any more, she slides her panties off and begins toying with her aching clit and her sweet little hole.

Between the book and her eager fingers, she soon cums, her quivering pink pussy lips matching her full luscious ones on her face as she moans in pleasure. Mmm, fantasy worlds can sure beat the real one on a rainy day. A bit of erotica for Natasha goes a long way to beat the grey.

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