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Web Young Odette Delacroix in Tight Runner

Sporty teen Odette Delacroix decides to go for a quick run to blow off some steam. Upon arrival home though, the petite blonde still has a bit of excess energy she needs to burn off and what better way to do that, than a quick afternoon masturbation session?

Stripping out of her sports bra, Odette rubs her little nipples, they’re just begging to be sucked and nibbled on, it’s too bad you’re not there to help. Sliding off her running shorts and pulling aside her panties, she exposes a perfectly shaved pussy, her sweet teen lips already wet with excitement. Pushing two fingers inside her achingly tight hole, the gorgeous young teen begins to tease herself.

Sliding off her panties and over to her full-length mirror, Odette admires her fit young body in the reflection, and is surprised that seeing herself naked, nipples hard, pussy dripping wet, turns her on even more. Spreading legs wide in front of the mirror, she begins to rub her clit more intently, her small fingers playing it round and round. It’s not long to the finish line now, moaning and muscles shaking, Odette cums hard in front of her mirror. Licking her fingers clean she thinks to herself, ‘Time to hit the showers…’

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Web Young Odette Delacroix in Electric Tooth Brush

Blonde beauty Odette Delacroix starts her Sunday morning with a bath, her favorite ritual. Gently washing her body, bubbles covering her perfectly petite tits, soap and warm water running down every curve, she knows the importance of taking time and taking care of yourself. She wishes though, that she had someone to take a bath with, worshipping and taking care of her body for her, running strong hands over her pale skin, rubbing her tiny nipples until they’re achingly hard, and feeling just how wet she gets from it all.

Exiting the bath and wrapping a towel around her, Odette dutifully brushes her teeth when she notices, it vibrates, much like the hidden toy she’s got in her dresser. Suddenly an idea pops in her head. Turning it back on, she lowers the towel and rubs the head of the buzzing brush against her nipple. Ripples of pleasure jump through her and it’s instantly hard. She does the next one and then runs it down the length of her slender neck, humming pleasurably, wishing it were the lips of a lover.

Odette seats herself on the edge of the tub, removing the towel fully, she spreads her legs, fully exposing her shaved lips, her clit eager for some attention. Licking the back of the brush she begins to slowly rub it around, vibrations of sheer bliss making their way through her virgin body. She’s so tight that when she tries to fit a finger inside, despite being soaking wet, it just won’t fit. That’s just fine, she thinks to herself, I like this new toy even better. Placing it back on her now throbbing little nub, Odette cums in just moments Hmm, she thinks, I may just have to add this to my Sunday morning ritu…

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