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Web Young Sara Luvv in Morning After

Waking up early one morning, sultry Sara Luvv finds herself wet and ready for a morning romp with her boyfriend. Especially when she starts remembering how much he made her cum the night before. Unfortunately for Sara though, he’s not quite ready to get up and get to business. So she decides to take matters into her own hands, literally.

Sneaking out of bed and into the next room, she takes a seat on the couch and slides off her white cotton panties, the cool air of the house instantly washing over her body, hardening her nipples, and raising goosebumps all over her soft skin. Taking some time to run her hands over her soft young curves, Sara starts remembering just how turned on her boyfriend made her last night, his big strong hands working her little body so expertly.

Stacking some pillows behind her and getting comfortable, she begins to toy with her little shaved pussy, it’s still tender from the pounding she got last night, hehe. Cupping her breast in her hand she begins to roll her now excited clitoris around, her moans filling the room, she hopes they make their way all to the bedroom and into his dreams. Turning to her knees, Sara puts two fingers deep into tight hole, pushing and pumping them in and out again and again.

Flipping onto her back, barely able to control the urge to run into the bedroom and just jump on her lover, she finger fucks her tight teen pussy while rubbing her clit at the same time, moaning louder and louder until an intense orgasm rips through her. Unfortunately he doesn’t wake up and get in one more quick round before class, oh well, his loss. You would have though, wouldn’t you?

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