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Web Young Zoey Foxx in Missing You

Sweet little Zoey Fox misses her girlfriend! After writing a sweet card her a sweet card and thinking about a few of their more intimate moments, she decides to have some time alone and revisit some of their more sexy memories together. Undressing, she imagines that it’s for her girlfriend, making her watch as she slowly slips from her clothes, her cute little teen butt showing through her see through panties.

Unhooking her bra and freeing her perky teen tits, Zoey lays down on the couch and as she slides her panties off, she dreams that it’s her girlfriend’s hands pulling them off of her. Turning onto her stomach she slides one hand underneath her to toy with her clit, she loves when her girlfriend is behind her, fingers toying with her sweet shaved pussy while she kisses her way up her back to whisper dirty things in her ear.

Rolling onto her back, Zoey grabs the picture of her girlfriend off the table and begins to finger herself while looking at it. Imagining that it’s her lovers face between her legs, hungrily eating her out, tongue slowly tracing over her soft shaved lips, flicking her little clit back and forth, while fingers play inside of her. Thrusting her fingers deep and pushing all the right buttons just like her girlfriend does, Zoey cums while looking deep into the eyes of her girlfriend in the picture. Teen lesbian couples are just so cute, don’t you think?

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Web Young Zoey Foxx in Lazy Day

Everyone needs a lazy day now and then, spent in comfy clothes, doing nothing but relaxing and treating yourself right, and adorable young Zoey Fox is no exception. After bumming around the house all morning Zoey takes to her mirror for a little ‘personal reflection.’ She loves the way her body has really grown over the years and now that she’s 18, she really feels like a woman.

With a mischievous grin, she climbs back in bed, but not before reaching into her drawer for her dirty little secret, a glass dildo. Sliding it into her pussy, she’s surprised to find out how wet she already is just from looking at her own body. Slowly working it in and out past her full, beautiful lips she begins to really let her moans of pleasure go.

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Turning over onto her knees, Zoey finds that she can get the dildo deeper and hit new spots she didn’t even know she had. ‘Too bad it’s not a real man…’ she thinks to herself. Enough teasing though, Zoey needs to cum, laying back she begins to rub her clit and thrust the dildo in and out until soon her hold body shakes and tenses up in orgasms sweet grip. Sometimes, lazy days can be quite intense.

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