My Romantic Playbook, Scene #01

Kate is taking the day off to be alone with her romantic playbook. She just started reading it last night and already she’s quite a distance through the book. Kate’s favorite pass-time is just sitting in the soft light of her living room off the tiny kitchen. Her soft skin gleams as she sits in her chair removing her clothes. She gingerly palms her soft breasts and exposes her shaved pussy. With a lick of the fingers she’s off and running. Her slick fingers glide between her clit and young pussy, stimulating her sweet pussy juice to flow. Her fingers gently make their way deep inside her while her thumb encircles her clit. Kate knows exactly how she likes to get off and you will get a good sense of her incredible technique. She turns over kneeling on her chair with two middle fingers inside her shaved pussy and her index finger going at it with her clit. She turns back facing forward and continues to rub herself and penetrate herself deeper and deeper. The intense feeling of just being horny grows exponentially and Kate is thrust into overdrive as she achieves her orgasm. Falling back into the chair she finds a relaxing position to enjoy her afterglow.

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