The Gift, Scene #01

Beautiful young blonde teen Avril Hall has received an unexpected gift from her friend, a cute little colorful toy that she just can’t wait to try out once she opens it. Immediately stripping out of her clothes, she reveals perfect small breasts, with nipples begging to be sucked, gorgeous pale, long legs that meet in the center at a perfectly shaved pussy. Avril is a gorgeous young teen and is dying to let off some steam with her new plaything. Getting straight to business, she licks the glass toy and slides it straight into her eager and excited hole. Each glass globe that goes in sends a new wave of pleasure through her. Avril gets an idea though and quickly flips over on to her knees. Sliding the toy back in she closes her eyes and imagines you taking her from behind in front of the fire. ‘Oh god…’ the young teen thinks ‘I’m so tight and it’s so deep.’ The pleasure that this sexy little toy is bringing her is unbelievable, but still she wishes it was you inside of her. Turning onto her back the skinny teen continues to thrust the toy and out of her soaked and shaved pussy. Her back arching in pleasure, moans and gasps escaping her lips. With the toy deep inside of her and pressing against her g-spot, Avril cums hard, closing her eyes tight and curling her toes, as wave after wave of intense orgasmic pleasure roll through her. What a great new toy she’s got, she can’t wait for you to use it on her next.

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